Allpack lashing buckles are manufactured from high quality steel.
Allpack Buckles are available in different sizes and strengths.
They can be used with Allpack composite and woven lashing.

Lashing Corner

Allpack Lashing corners are available in several shape and size according to need of corner.

As every packaged goods have different dimensions and thus they have specific needs for edge protection with corner, so we manufacture every edge protection type according to your requirement for protection of your goods from damage.



Allpack manual tensioner has specially designed having heavy duty gripping which allows for high tension and greater holding power with greater performance.

Allpack manual tensioner tool allow tension to be applied to a cargo securing system in an easy, fast and systematic manner.


Benefits of Allpack Manual Tensioners

  • High quality steel body and Material
  • High durability
  • Light weight
  • Easy to use