PP Woven Dunnage bag is made from two parts of material, an inner part layer of material that consists of a PE and the outer part layer is of a PP Woven.

PP Woven Dunnage bag is unique and durable which can be used in dry and wet conditions. PP Woven Dunnage bag is best for extreme heavy loads.

PP Woven Dunnage bag having greater elasticity than Paper Dunnage airbag for more surface contact with the pallets.

PP Woven Dunnage bag has PP woven material provides greater tear strength, and superior moisture resistance than most other Dunnage bag material.

Benefits of PP Woven Dunnage bag
Quicker and easier securing in containers, railcars and ships – ease of use

  • High puncture resistance 
  • High moisture resistance 
  • SGS tested
  • Fast inflation valve technology available
  • Edge valve available 
  • Improve Cube Utilization
  • Reduce Damage during transport